Uniquely designed to provide the very best in quality, performance and experience for both men and women

California North Self Tanner

Inspired by Caribbean beaches. Our exclusive Self Tanning formula creates a natural looking tan without the ill effects of bronzers. No carotene.

Action Moisturizer

Highly advanced non-greasy complete body moisturizer. Soothing plant extracts to defeat dry-weathered skin. Easily-absorbed moisturizer for all skin types.

Electric Glide Formula

A protective glide surface designed to protect and condition your skin during your electric shave. Suitable for use with all major electric razors.

After Shave Care

Lightweight, non-greasy, instantly absorbing. Designed to desensitize razor burn and condition skin. Tea leaf extract, vitamin E, light citrus scent.

Razor Shavecream

FHM Magazine U.K. Award Winner for Best Shaving Cream is designed to offer a close shave while conditioning skin. Unique foamless shave cream.

Pacific Foam Shaving Gel

Provides a glide surface, but has what we describe as a low level of high quality foam so you see what you are shaving. The botanicals extracts enhance the skin.

Sea Blast Shampoo

High quality, PH balanced, lotion-based daily use shampoo. Marine extracts to cleanse and moisturize hair. Safe for all hair types and color treated hair.

Watermint Conditioner

Instantly absorbed, invigorating daily use mint conditioner. Formulated with Aloe, Chamomille, Eucalyptus, Hops, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Sage, Soy, ...

Gelskin Wash

Invigorating body wash experience with antioxidants. Rich natural botanical cleansers and a delightfully clean light citrus aroma.

Gelskin Scrub

Multi-purpose complete body scrub. Perfect all around tool to combat ingrown hairs, and clear away dead skin cells. Recommended before using Self Tanner.

California North EDT Men

Like a flannel blanket wrapped around you, this fragrance hugs the body with warmth and exudes an aura of fresh sensuality and outdoor adventure.

Samples CN and Fragrance

California North Skincare and Fragrance Samples. Samples of our award-winning skincare and fragrance. 5 mL flat foil packs and .03oz fragrances.

California North ®

Unique Skincare for Men and Women.

California North Skincare Products are a logical thought process and system developed without animal testing of ingredients or finished products. We have been educated about the drying and negative effects of soap, alcohol, and the sun, which accelerates damage to the skin. Our products have dual and triple function - counteract and defend, then enhance. These products provide the best of science and nature, incorporating ancient herbs with plant-based active ingredients in advanced, laboratory formulas. All of our skincare is made for facial skin, but expanded to use on full body to provide an easy overall approach.