Exclusive line of fragrances and skincare. Specifically designed to bring out the California Lifestyle

Four Fragrance Sampler

Four travel-size fragrance sprays. Subtle, clean and fresh aromas in a highly portable form factor.

O2xygen EDT Men

Pure California in a bottle. Vital, clean, and active. Eau de Toilette strength. Sophisticated citrus scent.

O2xygen EDT Women

Soft, subtle and clean. Features light floral citrus and floral notes, in Eau de Toilette strength for women.

California North EDT Men

Like a blanket wrapped around you, this fragrance hugs the body with warmth and exudes an aura of fresh sensuality.

Womens BHA Moisturizer

Truly advanced skin care. O2xygen's energetic, fresh, comfortable scent. Moisturizes using effective botanical extracts.

O2xygen After Shave Balm

O2xygen scent combined with moisturizers. Safe level of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) to clean up dead skin cells and maintain healthy skin.

Richardson Bay Body Spray

(RBS) Unique after shower or anytime scented refresher. Sophisticated outdoor scent. Skin conditioning with natural extracts.

Sample Pack Fragrances

O2xygen Sample Pack in .03oz format, exclusive line of fragrances and skincare for men and women. Fragrances are light and fresh.

O2xygen ®

Exclusive line of fragrances and skincare.

O2XYGEN is our exclusive line of fragrances and skincare for men and women. Designed to bring out the California Lifestyle, O2XYGEN skincare products employ natural extracts and a safe level of Beta Hydroxy Acid to clean and firm up the skin while conditioning it for the rigors of daily life. Fragrances are light and fresh with subtle floral citrus notes for women, and a light masculine citrus for men. O2XYGEN products embody the natural essence of the Northern California Lifestyle.